Asphalt Systems

Custom Batch and Drum Plant Systems

Asphalt goods are manufactured using asphalt systems. Asphalt ingredients including aggregates, sand, and bitumen may be blended and mixed in a continuous process thanks to these machines. Hot mix asphalt requires the use of these tools. There are two types of asphalt equipment: drum plants and individualized batch plants.


Cold in Place Recycle Machine Systems

Many of Canada’s asphalt recycling projects are still in operation, attesting to the longevity of these systems. Due to the efficiency of in-place recycling, it has been used in a wide variety of rural and urban contexts. Modifications were made to Ontario’s structural design practices to account for the significant strength improvement achieved through the use of recycling practices.

Existing System Retrofits

Retrofitting asphalt roads that are currently exists is a great way to make them safer and last longer. They involve adding new layers of asphalt to roads that are already there. This can help reduce cracks and potholes, improve traction, and make the roads quieter. They can also be used to make roads wider or add things like bike lanes or sidewalks. Most of the time, asphalt existing retrofits are cheaper than replacing the whole road, which makes them an excellent choice for many cities and towns.

Blending and Recycle Systems

The environmental impact of asphalt production can be minimized with the use of asphalt mixing and recycle technologies. Reusing asphalt in these systems helps cut down on the energy and materials needed to create brand new asphalt. They are also useful for cutting down on waste and pollution during asphalt manufacture. Blending and recycling technologies for asphalt are gaining popularity in the building sector because they reduce waste and lower production costs.

Silo Loadout Systems

By using an asphalt silo loadout system, you can can save a lot of time and energy while loading asphalt onto trucks. With a silo system, asphalt may be added rapidly and with little effort. In besides making accidents less likely, these technologies can reduce the amount of dust and other particles that get into the air. Asphalt silo loadout systems are becoming more and more popular in the construction industry because they work well and are safe.